As a team, anything is possible...


I encourage children in my class to be responsible, independent learners who work together as a team with their classmates. I expect parents to help us on our journey through continuous support and communication. I will do my best to assure that all students in my class have their educational needs met, while providing a safe, comfortable, and nurturing classroom for them to attend each day.

Classroom Economy

This year I will be implenting an innovative and exciting program called My Classroom Economy to motivate, manage and help better prepare my students for life in the real word! To read all about it, visit

 How you can help

There are many ways you can be part of your child's learning experience this year. For starters, checking homework and signing your child's planner on a nightly basis is the key to ensuring you are never out of the loop! I often write notes to parents about things that come up during the day, and you are free to write to me as well. I also communicate heavily through email, so make sure I have your latest email address so you can stay informed. If you are interested in coming in, I'd love to have you anytime! I will ALWAYS find something for you to do!:) If donating items is more your speed, we are in need of prizes for our auction box, paper and ink for the printer, #2 pencils, and plug in air fresheners.


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